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As part of the restoration of the landmark 19th century cathedral after extensive fire damage in 2009 Conservation & Restoration were contracted to undertake the restoration of the 4 Altars together with associated work to the floors and boundary walls.

The initial work involved the cleaning of the stone and plaster work to the altars to enable surveys to be undertaken and the stone to be assessed so that the extent of the repairs required could be established.

In order to match in the new stone, as best as possible, extensive work was undertaken to find suitable materials with visits to stone suppliers throughout the country and quarries in Italy.

Stones used were:

  • Irish Limestone.
  • Connemara marble
  • Carrara marble and Siena Marble from Italy.
  • Kerry Red
  • Red Griotte from Italy
  • Onyx Stone
  • Rosa Red
  • Stanton Moor Sandstone

Working drawings were prepared to enable the stone detail to be matched to the pieces of stone that would have been salvaged from the fire. Brass elements within the altars were extensively restored to bring them back to their original detail.

New floors in Carrara Marble and English Sandstone were constructed and restored around the Altars. Boundary Walls were cleaned, repointed in lime mortar and repaired in Irish Limestone.
The Tympanum at the front portico was extensively repaired with blocks of carved Portland Stone grafted in and mortar repairs to other areas.

St Mel's Cathedral alan 2015-09-23 St.Catherines

Construction of St Catherine’s Church in Meath St Dublin commenced in 1852. In January 2012 a devastating fire damaged the whole interior. Conservation & Restoration were contracted to undertake the complete restoration of the Church.

This work consisted of :

  • Removal of the lead contaminated paintwork which involved considerable health and safety measures including de contamination units.
  • Removing charring from the burnt ceiling and supporting decorative timbers.
  • Stripping of the many layers of paint applied over the years to reveal ornate carvings and French Limestone stonework. This was then repaired with new limestone or mortar to match the original.
  • All the stained glass windows were restored.
  • Construction of new insulated roof with Blue Bangor Slates.
  • New parquet flooring in European Oak.
  • A new Altar with Bath Limestone steps and paving with Kilkenny Limestone Altar.
St.Catherines alan 2015-09-22 Ashford Castle

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Ashford Castle alan 2015-09-18 The Dunloe

The Dunloe is a five star award winning hotel in Co Kerry. On the grounds is a medieval castle that had fallen into disrepair over the years. We were contracted to carry out restoration work to enable the castle to be safely utilised by the guests.

The work involved:

  • Provision of full access scaffold to facilitate works.
  • Removal and specialist treatment of all plant and ivy growth.
  • Extensive masonry repairs including removal of stone walls and rebuilding in lime mortar.
  • Repointing of walls.
  • Removal of loose render and rendering of exterior walls.
  • Metal staircase to facilitate access to the top of the castle.
  • Restoration of timber windows.
The Dunloe alan 2015-09-09 St. Patrick's Cathedral

Conservation & Restoration have undertaken numerous restoration projects in the Cathedral over the years. In autumn 2012 we commenced the restoration of the Lady Chapel at the east End.

The work consisted of:

  • Cleaning down the internal plastered surfaces with sugar soap.
  • Removing paint from masonry.
  • Cleaning delicate carved stonework.
  • Stone carving and mortar repair.
  • Repair of plasterwork.
  • Cleaning and repair of the 27 stained glass windows.
  • Installation of a new lighting and sound system.
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